Green Peel Professional treatments now at CACI Clinic East Gosford

Green Peel Beauty in Harmony with health and nature.

This scientifically proven treatment concept is substantiated with over 50 years of experience and skin treatment success.

Developed by Dr .Med. Christine Schrammek this medically inspired dermatologically efficient skin peeling offers effective solutions for healthy and natural skin fitness for every skin type, concern and age.

„ A new skin in just five days…“

was the promise for success from Christine Schrammek 50 years ago..

This purely biologically- based treatment incorporates a plant based compound of active ingredients which work together to successfully achieve the desired treatment objectives.

The inimitable GREEN PEEL herbal compound consists of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, mucilages and tannins, phytohormones, enzymes, mineral salts and trace elements dedicated to restoring healthy and beautiful skin.

Whether you need gentle refreshment, active revitalisation or an intensive peel- you decide on the treatment goal with the help of Mother Nature and your qualified GREEN PEEL therapist.

Treatment options include:

One for all- One method, three ways with GREEN PEEL GREEN PEEL Fresh up – Illuminate your skin:

For those who want a gentle complexion refresher, increased radiance and vitality for a special occasion or a preventative maintainence treatment.

GREEN PEEL Energy – Stimulate your skin:

This is a treatment that keeps it’s promise- providing the skin witha surge of energy and harmonising the complexion. Immediate results are visible with long lasting success.

GREEN PEEL CLASSIC – Renew your skin:

Regain your true beauty with the power of nature. Offering proven solutions for varied skin concerns without harmful chemicals or intervention.